Havens Letter: April 3 1865


Creator: Edwin R. Havens
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: April 3, 1865
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Relation: LC00016 – Havens Family Papers, Box 2, Folder 7
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Havens Letter: April 3 1865
Havens Letter: April 3 1865

Fremont. Apr 3rd 1865.
Monday evening.
My Dear Cousin.
I should know you was Edwins brother
by your punctuality in answering letters. Your truly wel-
come letter came last night and I should have replied
to it before I slept if I had not at the same time got
a letter from my soldier brother which demanded my
first attention and I postponed yours untill to night.
Brother Will wrote me from Norfolk. Va. and was in good
health and spirits at the time. He was to go to Win-
chester from there. Poor boy I hope he will pass through
unscathed but I fear not. I do not wonder you feel
anxious on Edwins account. I myself feel impatient
to hear from the dear boy. His letters are very precious to
me and I look eagerly for them when the time comes
that they are due. I hope and pray he may be still
unharmed. He has got along so far all right and his
time of service so far gone it would be so hard to have
any thing happen to him to prevent his coming home safe
and well. but we must hope for the best. Do not fail
to let me know if you hear from him and I will do the
same. Then Melinda has three children! I wrote a letter
to her soon after I wrote you. I hope she will be able to
answer it. I am very sorry her health is so poor. I am so
well myself it seems hard to think of others being sick all
of the time as she is. Spring seems to be fairly opened
and farmers are about ready to “scatter the seed.” I am very
glad to see warm weather after such a long tedious win-
ter. I am getting impatient to work in the garden. (My hus
band is not worth a darn to make garden. I tell him that
is because he is Dutch but he wont own that. He and I
grow old amazing fast. We have only been to three dances
this winter. The last one we staid ‘till nearly five in the
Havens Letter: April 3 1865, Page: 2

Havens Letter: April 3 1865
Havens Letter: April 3 1865

[Written upside down on top of Scan 2]

Nelson write good long letters to me for if if they are
all as good as your first I shall only be too happy to get
them. I never shall be a good letter writer for it is not nat-
ural as it is for my mother but you must prize them for what they
are worth. Helen


morning. [Warnt?] that early. Speaking of Sugar making. Oh!
It makes me smack my lips to think of it: I never saw
any made untill I came to Minnesota and on my fathers
farm they made a little and I always got a share. Where they
live now there is plenty of maple and they were calcula-
ting to make considerable but I am afraid the spring has
not been favorable for sugar making and I shall not even
get a bite. I have not heard from Eliza ^ since I wrote you
before. I am looking every day for a letter. Cousin mine I
shall be so pleased if I get your picture to put beside
of Edwins in my Album and I wish I had all of your fam-
ily in it. If ever I have an opportunity to get ours taken.
I well send them but I cannot get them for my nearest
relation on account of living so far from [illegible in original] a good Artist.
Scrub Artist come around very often thinking to im-
pose on the people in the country pretending to be tip top
workman but I wont patronize such for I am such a
beauty myself in particular that I want them taken
right. I have got to get some taken soon for I am ashamed
to aske favors and not return There is one thing Nelson
when you come to know me you will be perfectly satisfied
with the shadow and not the substance. Well Cousin I
have written all you will care to read at once. I must apologise
for using a pencil. My pen is so poor (I have been mad all
winter because William would not get me a gold pen that would
last while writing one letter) that I cannot make a mark and
I tell him I will use a pencil even if I write to the Presi-
[illegible in original]
dent which no doubt will be the case. Mother ^ thinks
it very curious to write to those you never saw but I think
it a fine way to get acquainted with my unknown
relatives. Dont you think so? She cannot write herself and
cannot understand the why’s and wherefore’s as some would.
Please to write soon and remember the picter. My love to
you and yours. From Cousin Helen. A. Hiltz.
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