Havens Letter: January 28 1865


Creator: Edwin R. Havens
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: January 28, 1865
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Havens Letter: January 28 1865, Page: 1

Havens Letter: January 28 1865
Havens Letter: January 28 1865

Camp 7th Mich Cavalry
Camp Russell Va
Saturday Jan.y 28th 1865

Dear Nell
Here I am. in camp again having
arrived here about half past seven last night
safe and sound, but fearfully demoralized.
Our journey back to camp was almost
a perfect counterpart of the trip home.
Just after leaving you at the cutter that eve.
the train came along and I was soon
whirling along towards “Dixie.” Everything was
lovely while on the M.C.R.R. but immediately
upon leaving that my troubles commenced
The first to speak of was the paying of 5 cts
over fare to the Cabman who took me to the
Adrian Depot. then came freezing to death
on the cars to Adrian. then came the hurry
and bustle of change of cars and no breakfast
at Toledo in fact not a morsel of food
passed my lips after eating my supper at
home until I reached Cleveland 3:30 P.M. Tuesday

Havens Letter: January 28 1865, Page: 2

Havens Letter: January 28 1865
Havens Letter: January 28 1865

But after all. “Fate” favored me and the journey
was not devoid of all pleasure. no indeed.. Soon
after leaving Toledo I made the acquaintance of
a young lady and her mother traveling from
Wisconsin to Alexander New York and had
a “jolly good” time from there to Cleveland.. We
exchanged cards and she informed me that
her Grandfather’s name was Silas Havens.
I tried to make them beleive that we must
be something like fifth or sixth cousins, but
the older lady “could’n’t see it” “in that light”
so I desisted.. But that visit shook the
resolution I formed a year or two ago
and I have about. concluded to “go back” on
my Penn. Dutch Girl and bake oven
and “go for” Wisconsin.. Your “Sucker” curls
“little Mac” and “Smishy” don’t begin. could’n’t
hold a candle on one side.. Well. we got to
Cleveland, as I said before and on inquiring
when the Pittsburgh train left found it did’n’t
leave until 8 P.M. Wednesday.. Interesting was’n’t
it? Well we took up rooms at the Commercial
Hotel got our supper and went to the “Varieties.”
Name describes the entertainment
Havens Letter: January 28 1865, Page: 3

Havens Letter: January 28 1865
Havens Letter: January 28 1865

The journey to Pittsburgh was devoid of
interest in fact. I slept a good portion of the
way. We stopped at Pittsburgh only long enough
to change cars. and took supper at [Latrobe?] and
after that we commenced work. About 9 Oo’K the
sleeping car just in rear of our car ran off the track,
broke a truck, stove one corner in, scared the “contents”
but hurt nobody and delayed us an hour or two.
We had been going an hour or more when down
went a passenger car smashing the wood work but
hurting no one. It delayed us still, awhile longer
to get free from this wreck and we arrived at
Harrisburg at 6:20 A.M. Thursday. 3½ hours
behind time. I had neglected to state that at
Bardstown while lying on a switch waiting
for another train our engineer jerked ahead sud
denly and snapped out the “bull nose” connecting
the tender and freight [illegible in original]. which compelled us
to procure another engine. Started from Harrisburg
at 7:45 and were told we would reach Baltimore
about noon.. But we were not to be so favored. A few
miles from H-g we overtook the Express that had left H-g
at 3. A.M. with a truck broke and we went at the
rate of one mile in two hours passengers not allowed
Havens Letter: January 28 1865, Page: 4

Havens Letter: January 28 1865
Havens Letter: January 28 1865

to walk” until after passing Hanover Junction.---
Reached Baltimore at 3:30 P.M. and found ourselves
obliged to wait until 9 A.M. Friday. So we put up at
the Washington Hotel and prepared to wait.. Did’n’t go
out any that night but “turned in” early and “rolled out”
late. Every thing went “merry as a marriage bell” from
Balto to Harper’s Ferry and from there to Stevenson’s
Station. where we arrived at 4:45 P.M. Hired a boy with
an “Avalanche” to bring us to Winchester and then “hoofed”
it to camp. All right in camp.. I got a supper of
beef steak and soft Bread and ate more than I
had before since leaving camp. But bed. gosh! Nell
that was “rough” Had to sleep alone. on round poles
a handfull of Uncle Sam’s “feathers” and a blanket
with two more over me. I work up this morning and
found myself stiff enough to make good sled stakes
Did’nt get up to roll call but waited till Hank built
a fire then got up and thawed out and now am
fully reinstated. Will Graham got back to the Co. on
Saturday last but is now on picket. consequently have
not seen him. Tom Smith is also here and four
others. Received letters from Aunt Mary. Harvey
Reynolds and Richardson on reaching camp. Harvey
is at Parole Camp. Annapolis. Also got a letter
from one other of my correspondents.
We have had one promotion in the company
since I left Sergt Charles O Pratt of Niles to be
1st Lieut and Adjutant. Bully for Charley. He is
a splendid fellow and well qualified for the place.
He will be in Niles next week Loomis expects to
go home next week too. and one Sergt from the Co.
Hope they will have as good a time as I did. minus
the breakdowns. Nell – I would’nt have missed that
visit for three times its cost. I never enjoyed myself
better for twenty days than I did from the 5th to the
27th days of Jan’y 1865. Give my compliments to all inquiring
friends. do what dunning I gave you to. do and write
As Ever. Your Aff. Brother.
Edwin R Havens

[Written upside down on bottom of Scan 4]

[illegible in original] for the “Sunny South.” Tuesday. Wednesday. & Thursday of last
week were “hot” to. yesterday and today. If any wont. beleive tell ‘em
to come and see. Ed.

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