Havens Letter: October 9, 1862


Creator: Edwin Havens
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: October 9, 1862
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Havens Letter: October 9 1862, Page: 1

Havens Letter: October 9 1862
Havens Letter: October 9 1862

No 4th

Camp Kellogg
Oct 9 1862

Brother Nell,
I was obliged
to stop writing very suddenly
this morning to go on drill,
which I should not have been
obliged to do had I been so unwell
represented me to be
as John Hamilton ^. As a proof
of my ability to stand grief I
will state that during the two
hours we were drilling several
good, stout, healthy fellows asked
several times to be excused as they
were very tired. I stood it through
and feel all the better for it.
The boys are all well as usually
and in very fair spirits. Potatoes, salt
and bread, most of the time without
butter agrees with us very well.
Havens Letter: October 9 1862, Page: 2

Havens Letter: October 9 1862
Havens Letter: October 9 1862

When I say the boys are in
fair spirits. I did not mean to convey
the impression that any one was
homesick. Nor shall I give any reasons
for discontent on the part of any one
as John Hamilton very probably told
you all that was necessary, or if not
if Mr Jarvis sees us he can give you
most of the causes.
Our cause, and the chief one
among the boys from our way is
that Fitch will not go with us.
For my part he may go or not
as he chooses I shall stick to Capt
Walker as long as he acts the man.
Our Colonel is very strict
and some of the “roughs” in other
companies are trying to get up
a mutiny and leave the camp
in a mass. Let them go. Until
I can leave this camp honorably
I will rot in my bunk.
Havens Letter: October 9 1862, Page: 3

Havens Letter: October 9 1862
Havens Letter: October 9 1862

I was a good deal amused while
reading the career of Mr Owens. Tell
Ellen that I wish to congratulate her on
her conquest. She must keep him in
nights however, for if it is as cold there
as it was here the other night he
will get frostbitten.
I would like to be there tonight
and tomorrow evening and see his
maneuvers. Look after him, and see
that he needs nothing.
I have not much to write nor
much time to write it in. It is almost
dinner time, and as I never refuse to
eat I must begin to stop.
The rest of the boys are here in the
bunk raising ‘Cain” and they knock
my wits all out of me.
Allen Park says tell his folks if
you see any of them that they need
not write to him at all. He nor Will
Graham have not received any letters since
they came here.

Havens Letter: October 9 1862, Page: 4

Havens Letter: October 9 1862
Havens Letter: October 9 1862

Tell the rest of the folks that
I can not write many letters till after
we muster for I have not but fifty cents
left and that must last me till then.
Tell Mother that if she or Father
can send me a pair of gloves that I would
be very thankful, as it will not be
very pleasant to go barehanded much
longer. I do not have to stand guard
but do not know what position I
shall get yet, possibly 9th corporal as
I have once acted as corporal of the guard.
Now Nell you must excuse
this pucillanimous scrawl which
I have written in an awful hurry
and must now go to dinner.
Write again soon and tell all
the folks to write. It seems that all the friends
in the army and otherwheres have forgotten me
as I have not received a letter except from
home since I have been here.
Your Brother
Edwin R Havens
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