Havens Letter: November 15 1864


Creator: Edwin R. Havens
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: November 15, 1864
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Relation: LC00016 – Havens Family Papers, Box 2, Folder 2
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Havens Letter: November 15 1864 , Page: 1

Havens Letter: November 15 1864
Havens Letter: November 15 1864

[Penciled in on top of Scan 1 – Nov-15-64]

Moseby was reported to have been at Point
of Rocks with Fifteen Hundred men. and we
are trying to be ready to give him a good, warm welcome
when he does come. I do not Know what object he
can have in view in charging into such a camp
as we have here. There may be a few horses some
where for him to capture but if that is his aim
he will avoid getting into the “crowd” after them
I feel but little anxiety concerning his doings.
but think that if he does come in here some night
it will be a chance that some one does’nt get
The election is over and I suppose you are
well acquainted with the result. as for me I Know
but little about. A paper that some one obtained
yesterday morning at Martinsburg stated that Lincoln
had 205 electoral votes and McClellan 21.. If this
is true the election of Lincoln is certain beyond a
doubt.. I hope this is so. and feel certain that
the election is sure enough even if its not quite
so big. The vote of our brigade stood thus
Total number poled 861. For Lincoln 597 For McC. 264
Lincolns Majority 333
Havens Letter: November 15 1864 , Page: 2

Havens Letter: November 15 1864
Havens Letter: November 15 1864

Nov. 15th
My candle gave out just as I finished the last
page last night and it not being any too comfortable
sitting up with the smoke blowing in my face I concluded
to go to bed and accordingly turned in. Yesterdays New York
Herald received this morning gives us an account of cavalry
fights in the valley above Winchester Friday and Saturday in
which our cavalry drove through and beyond Front Royal
capturing 2 guns. 150 prisoners and several wagons
and horses. So it goes! the poor grey backs cannot bring
any artillery into the Valley but what Little Phil. “goes
for it” or sends. Custer Merritt. or Powell after it and
in it comes. Phil’s requisition is good for anything and
whatever he wants he invariably gets. Rumors of fight
ing out there yesterday reached us last night. but I
heard no particulars. The weather is still cold as
Greenland and last night it tried to snow a little
but gave it up as being too cold. This morning it tried
to again but gave up in disgust. Your letter of Oct 15th
came to hand on Friday last after having been down to
the army of the Potomac to the 2nd Corps where our 7th Inf
is. I was well pleased with its contents and think
it about time for the next one to make its appearance
Don’t delay the thing any. It’s going to be awful dull here
and I shall want all the letters I can get to make
times lively.
Write soon and beleive me as ever
Your Affectionate Brother
Edwin R Havens

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