Havens Letter: November 8 1864


Creator: Edwin R. Havens
Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: November 8, 1864
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Havens Letter: November 8 1864 , Page: 1

Havens Letter: November 8 1864
Havens Letter: November 8 1864

November 8th 1864

I did not get an opportunity yes
terday morningt to mail my letter. and so will add
an Appendix. The reason that I got no chance to
send away my mail was. that yesterday morning
at 3. O’clock we were waked from our peaceful
slumbers by the hoarse notes of our bugle
calling us to reveillie. and of course. we knew
there was “something up. Of course all sorts
of reports were immediately circulated such
as “going to Winchester to guard train through”
“going to Michigan for sixty days” “going on a
“streak of nonsense” “(as the boys call it”) and various
other reports equally as sensible and got up for
the occasion. Well, we found we were off on a
“streak of nonsense” and started at daylight
our regiment and 100 men from the “Sixth”
under command of Major Darling of our regi
ment.. We took the same old route of the First
and Fifth a few days before and the result
was about the same.. We found a rebel
Havens Letter: November 8 1864 , Page: 2

Havens Letter: November 8 1864
Havens Letter: November 8 1864

picket line about half way between Woodstock
and Edinburgh and after sending out scouts
in different directions returned without exchang
ing any shots.. and reached camp again at seven
last night. The object, no doubt, was to ascertain
if the “Johnnies” were likely to come up to election
to day.. and the information obtained was I presume
satisfactory.. It was a hard days march. the distance
being about 21 miles and was made without dismount
ing but twice and then for not more than five min
utes each time.. yet I enjoyed it very well. We passed
through Strasburg. Old Town. and Woodstock. all
I of which I have felt a great desire to see. and having
seen them shall not feel very sorry if I never
see them again. Strasburg is certainly the worst looking
town that I ever saw. even in Virginia. It is about as
large as Berrien and does not contain three buildings
that deserve the name. unless it be one barn. The houses
are mostly old log concerns. sided up with clapboards
and are just about ready to tumble down. The people that
we saw corresponded in appearance with the buildings
The men clad in the dirty butternut suit of the south stood
at the corners of the buildings the “oldish” women with their babies
in the windows and the younger ladies stood by the doors
Havens Letter: November 8 1864 , Page: 3

Havens Letter: November 8 1864
Havens Letter: November 8 1864

sucking their thumbs as we passed. through the
town. and I was so disgusted that I did not feel right
again till we passed through Woodstock on our return
Old Town is not worth a description even if one could
give it A few straggling dwelling houses. on the right hand
side of the pike as you go up the valley is all there is
of it. Woodstock is about the same size as Strasburg
and a very pretty place. The buildings are quite pretty. i.e
the majority. It contains a Court House. jail two churches
two hotels. one. a very large one. and did contain some few
manufacturing establishments which have been burned..
The usual number of old men. women and little children
stood in the streets. to see us as we passed. through

Nov 9th Just as I finished the last line yes
terday “Boots & Saddles” blew at brigade Hd Qrtrs
and of course I had to quit letter writing. I do not
Know the occasion but a current report is that a
column of rebels were seen advancing towards
our lines. We did not leave camp however although
everything was packed up; but at sundown we
received orders to unpack unsaddle and go into camp
again. Everything was quiet through the night and
we were preparing for a review and inspection
this morning when orders came to have everything

Havens Letter: November 8 1864 , Page: 4

Havens Letter: November 8 1864
Havens Letter: November 8 1864

in readiness so that we could move in 30 min
utes should we receive the orders to do so. and
we are now waiting for those orders. My
description of Mondays scout must now be de
ferred to some future time. The election passed
off well and the vote of our regiment stood
112 for Lincoln and the Union and 40 for
McClellan and ___ what, I am ashamed
that so many [illegible in original] voted for Mc but so it was
Great difficulty was found in procuring
tickets. Some counties and districts had no
tickets whatever. From the first district of our
county. Niles City. township. and Berrien Township
no tickets could be obtained and as I did not
Know the candidate for representative in
legislature I was somewhat puzzled how to vote
Tickets for Buchanan were plenty enough
but I couldnt vote there. By dint of hand
work I managed to find a Royalton Ticket
and shoved it in. McClellan tickets were scarce
and the four that could be found were blank
with the exception of Presidential electors and
Governor and State officers and precious few
of the men knew the names of the candidates
from their counties and districts (I could
not find one for Berrien County) and the
men were forced to put in their tickets in
blank. Something was loose somewhere’s I wanted
to see every man vote some ticket or other and blame
some one who did’nt furnish the tickets. If people
at home don’t feel interested enough in the vote
of the soldiers to furnish them with tickets
by some means or other they don’t deserve the
soldiers support.. Well the election is over and
by tonight the people at home will Know the
general result and realize either their hopes
or their fears. and the war is either nearer to or
farther from its end than it was Monday night.
But I must close.
As Ever Yours Ed
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