Havens Letter: October 24 1864


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Subjects: Civil War, 1861-1865
Date: October 24, 1864
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Havens Letter: October 24 1864 , Page: 1

Havens Letter: October 24 1864
Havens Letter: October 24 1864

Picket Reserve Buck Ford Va
October 24th 1864

Dear Mother.
Not having had an
opportunity of mailing the letter I
wrote Nell on Saturday. I have
concluded to write you a few lines
this morning. We came on picket
here yesterday and I am becoming
iniht initiated into duties once old
but now new to me. Everything
seems strange to me and I have to
wait to see how others do before I
feel certain that I am right.
We are on Cedar Creek some six
miles from Strasburg on the line of
the Manassas Gap R.R. and about six
miles from Front Royal. Just
acress the creek is a small station
called Buck-town or station
Havens Letter: October 24 1864 , Page: 2

Havens Letter: October 24 1864
Havens Letter: October 24 1864

It consists of a large dwelling
or rather farm house and outbuil
dings and a station house. There
is a large mill half a mile from
the station and a large distillery
some two miles distant. The country
is very broken and hilly as is com
mon to all such mountainous countries
The large Three top mountain is
three miles to the right of us and
the Blue Ridge is about the same
distance to our left. The Three Top
Mountain divides the valley here in
two parts one called Luray the other.
Shenandoah valley. We are now
in the mouth of the Luray valley
which is thickly infested by Moseby’s
guerrillas. Night before last
they attacked a picket post a
mile from this. but last night
all was quiet. Foraging parties
are constantly scouting the
Havens Letter: October 24 1864 , Page: 3

Havens Letter: October 24 1864
Havens Letter: October 24 1864

country both in and out of
our picket line. Those who go
outside of the pickets frequently
encounter bushwhackers. One
man of our brigade was Killed
less than half a mile from our
outer picket yesterday afternoon.
and a short time afterwards a
man of the same regiment came
across a bushwhacker beleived to
be the same one and instantly
Killed him. There is a deadly en
mity felt towards this class of
our enemies and but few escape
death if they fall intos our hands
The weather is cold and it is
threatning rain this morning.
and it will be very uncomfortable
if it should to those who have to
stand on post. As yet I have had
nothing to do. We have good fare
and have excitement enough to
Havens Letter: October 24 1864 , Page: 4

Havens Letter: October 24 1864
Havens Letter: October 24 1864

Keep us in good spirits.
I was sorry to hear that
Retta could not or would not
conduct herself in such a manner
as to make it pleasnt for you to Keep
her. as she would soon have been able
to releive you of many of your laborious
duties. Poor girl she will sometime
bitterly repent of all that she did
I received a good long letter from
Aunt Jeannette. a few days ago.
It seems almost impossible that
any one should bear as much sick
ness and suffering as she does. They
sent me Julia’s likeness. which represents
her as being quite a young lady. She
looks quite smart and intelligent
and I think has some Haven’s in her
eyes. Eliza wrote me a short time
ago that her father was going to send
you a photograph of Cousin Charles.
Why cant you and Father send me
some more pictures. I wish you
would. Aunt Mary writes occasion
ally. and complains of its being very
hard work. She often asks me to write
as often as I can and not wait for
her to reply. But I have not found
that plan to pay very well and
have not done so.
But I will close now as I do
not feel much like writing. this morning
With my best wishes for the welfare
of all all I remain
Yours affectionately E R H.

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